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Our Staff

Roberta Ragge RI Assisted living staff member

Roberta Ragge

Executive Director

Roberta brings over 25 years experience caring for senior citizens to her position. She has been with Tamarisk in her capacity of Executive Director since 2005. She has also managed INSIGHT’s Geriatric Adjustment Center, the Cranston Adult Day Center, the “To Life Center” and the Louis Feinstein Alzheimer’s Center.

Our residents have lived such full and remarkable lives. I feel blessed to be entrusted with their care and I continue to grow personally from all that they share with me. Each day I make a commitment to do everything in my power to help our residents, their families and our staff to feel confident and proud that they have chosen Tamarisk.”

Monique Pichette, MSN, RN

Director of Nursing Operations

Monique has worked as a registered nurse for eighteen years; her background is in geriatric and psychiatric nursing. She holds a Masters Degree in Nursing Leadership.

My passion has been contributing to good quality of life for our elders, and helping them to maintain their dignity. I have personally grown and been enriched by their wisdom and experience.”

Dianne Giammarco RI Assisted living staff member

Dianne Giammarco

Marketing Director

Dianne brings to Tamarisk over 20 years of healthcare management experience. She has been with Tamarisk since we opened our doors in September, 2003. She says,

There is something special about watching a facility being built and then walking through the front doors for the very first time. You feel an instant bond with everyone. I am so proud to showcase our warm and wonderful community and to help seniors learn, live and enjoy the lovely and luxurious lifestyle that is Tamarisk.”

Amy Levine

Director of Provider and Community Relations

Amy appreciates getting to know people, and enjoys representing a product or service that will benefit others. After years in medical sales, she is very enthusiastic to represent Tamarisk, and really likes making a positive difference in others’ lives.

“It is a great pleasure to be at Tamarisk, to help residents to be at home here, to make new friends and keep the old. I am spreading the word about the warmth and beauty of Tamarisk; I aim to contribute as an integral member of the Tamarisk family.”

Russell Bettencourt RI Assisted living staff member

Russell Bettencourt

Executive Chef

Russell is a Johnson & Wales graduate in Culinary Arts who in his time has owned two restaurants. He chose this field because of the passion he has for food and the ability it gives him to make people happy. Russell counts teaching and team building among his skills. Russell says,

I came to Tamarisk because I relish the challenge of creating high quality, nutritious kosher meals on a daily basis for our residents.”

Betty Smith RI Assisted living staff member

Betty Smith

Renaissance Program Director

Families affected by Alzheimer’s, or other cognitive illnesses, face many challenges.  It is Betty’s pleasure to partner with these families to improve the quality of, and give the best possible care to, our residents.

Each day is a gift and we celebrate it through meaningful activities, exercise, good nutrition and friendship.  My life experience in counseling, leadership and business have converged to make this the most rewarding job I have ever had.”

Jo-Ann Marzilli RI Assisted living staff member

Jo-Ann Marzilli

The Director of Resident Programs

Jo-Ann has spent her career in a variety of creative positions including floral and interior design. She has been with Tamarisk since 2006. She is known as a high energy multi-tasker who works very hard to make life as easy as possible for our residents. About her role Jo-Ann says,

For me, coming to work is like going home. This is my extended family. We live, laugh and all work together at being a family. I can truly say that this is not just a job; it is home and the residents and my co-workers are family.”

Ken Botelho

Plant Operations and Security Director

Ken has worked in Facilities Maintenance for over 34 years and has been with Tamarisk since 2005. He sees his role “as serving our residents by creating a safe, clean and comfortable environment in which they can live.” He feels,

personally rewarded by knowing Tamarisk’s residents and learning about their diverse and exciting backgrounds.”

Mary Poirier

Business Office Manager

Mary brings over 35 years of accounting management experience to Tamarisk.

It has been a pleasure to meet and work with the residents and staff of Tamarisk. My goal as part of the management team is to use my accounting skills within the business office for streamlining the many functions there. It is my goal to become a dedicated member of the management team and the extended Tamarisk family.”