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  • The Phyllis Siperstein Tamarisk RI Assisted Living Residence

    The Phyllis Siperstein Tamarisk RI
    Assisted Living Residence

    Where Life is Celebrated

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in The Phyllis Siperstein Tamarisk Assisted Living Residence. I hope you will find our website both helpful and informational.

At Tamarisk we take pride in the care and services we provide to our residents and I can tell you that over the years I have gotten to know each and every one of them on a personal level. This is the essence of the philosophy of care we strive to bring to our residents everyday. It is the small, personal touches that build bridges and strengthen relationships. It is in the spirit of those small, personal gestures that creates a “homeness” for our residents who have left all that was safe, comfortable and familiar to live in a new residence that has not yet become their home. I am always so thrilled when I hear residents share with me how our staff cares for them and puts their well being above all else.

For nearly a decade, Tamarisk has been recognized both locally and nationally for excellence in care and service provision. For all of these successes, I thank the managers and staff that continue to “raise the bar” to ensure that each resident receives the personalized service they deserve.

I am humbled by this opportunity to oversee such a remarkable community of residents and a dedicated team of staff members. I am honored to grow older along with our residents and excited by what each day might bring as I share in their lives. Tamarisk is truly “Where Life is Celebrated!”

I hope I will have an opportunity to chat with you in the near future to discuss the decisions you face, and perhaps to see how we may be able to help.


Roberta Ragge, MS ALA
Executive Director


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The Phyllis Siperstein Tamarisk RI
Assisted Living Residence

Tamarisk is a kosher community sponsored and developed by the Jewish Seniors Agency of Rhode Island and a Carelink Community.


3 Shalom Drive
Warwick, RI 02886