Aging Together: Married Couples in Assisted Living

Is it possible for married couples to live together in assisted living? Of course!

Here at Tamarisk Assisted Living Residence, we are home to many married couples and our staff love helping them create their home in our community. Each couple is different and, as we age, many of us develop different needs. Finding a retirement community or assisted living residence that can support both people through the next chapters in their lives, while also ensuring they can stay together, is essential. We’ve learned from our staff as well as past and current couples about what makes Tamarisk Assisted Living Residence the right place for married couples.

If you know a couple looking for assisted living or a senior community, here are our tips for what to look for:

  • Personalized care – this ensures that both people will get the right care for them and not a generalized care plan based on general aging standards. Personalized care also means that your care plan will adapt with you as you age or encounter new needs.
  • Variety of apartment sizes and layouts – this helps couples (and individuals) find the right space for them, whether it’s one bedroom or two, ground floor or lots of windows.
  • On-site memory care program and staff – onsite memory expertise is key if one of you needs memory support and ensures that you can live together while still receiving the elevated care that memory issues deserve.
  • Non-profit or small community – non-profit or independent communities focus on their mission rather than on their income. A non-profit assisted living community is focused on creating the best home, care, and social life for their residents and their staff, which creates a more home-like and family-like atmosphere. Perfect for a couple or family looking to feel welcome!

Want to know more? Here is a recent testimonial from someone whose parents moved into an apartment at Tamarisk earlier this year:

A senior husband and wife sit on the porch at Tamarisk Assisted Living and their adult son stands behind them

 “When my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and reached a point where we could no longer safely care for her in their home, my father and I researched and visited different facilities while we attempted to navigate the process of determining their next chapter in their life. We tried a different facility in the area but determined it did not meet the needs of both parents. We felt that Tamarisk, offering a 2-bedroom unit with mini kitchen and bathroom, was a perfect match. Tamarisk allows for my mom and dad to reside together in their apartment, while still providing the level of memory care for my mom.  The staff made us feel at home and created a living environment where my mom and dad could feel safe and comfortable. Tamarisk offers a wide variety of activities based on the level of care required. In addition, they were able to accommodate my mom and dad, letting her dine in the main dining area with my father.

As with any change in lifestyle it was an adjustment for the two of them along with the family. The staff and residents [at Tamarisk] have made our family feel welcomed. I would highly recommend Tamarisk for couples where one spouse needs a higher level of care, and they want to continue to live together as long as possible. It is also comforting that Tamarisk, with its Jewish roots, allows my parents to still maintain a connection well into their 90’s.”

If you’d like to speak with someone about finding the best spot for your family or for you and your spouse, feel free to give us a call! Call 401-732-0037 x102 to speak directly with a member of our team, or email