What are the Benefits of Assisted Living?

There is no one reason why assisted living is the right choice for anyone, there are lots! To better understand, we took a moment recently to chat with our residents and their families to learn more about the benefits they have noticed since moving into Tamarisk Assisted Living.

Here are seven benefits of assisted living that they told us:

  1. Tamarisk Assisted living provides a safe, secure home-like environment and relieves individuals of the many responsibilities that home ownership or living alone entails.
  2. Families receive a peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are in a safe environment where a professional care team monitor their medications, diet, and general health and well-being.
  3. Residents, freed of their many worries, enjoy a better quality of life while remaining independent.
  4. With better health and dietary oversight, along with opportunities for social activities and recreation, residents find they are more active, happier, and more socially connected than they have been in years.
  5. High-quality, made-to-order dining. Residents can finally say goodbye to cooking and cleaning the kitchen, or microwave meals and delivery food, and instead enjoy chef-cooked meals made just for them all day. Take a peek into what dining is like at Tamarisk Assisted Living for an example.
  6. Transportation and rides to appointments or events so that residents do not have to worry about driving themselves (or cleaning off the car in the winter!).
  7. Help is right there, whenever you need it. While change can be scary, having a team of people ready to help right on site gives our residents, and their families, a sense of relief and security.

As one resident told us:

“No one wants to leave their home and come to an assisted living but, if I had known what I know now about Tamarisk, I wouldn’t walk here, I’d run! This place is amazing!”

Want to know more about the benefits available to all residents at Tamarisk Assisted Living? Call us at 401-732-0037 or email susana@tamariskri.org.

A cozy living room space with a large fireplace at the center of the image and four green armchairs arranged in front of the fireplace around a circular coffee table. A colorful piece of contemporary art hangs over the fireplace.
The cozy, home-like living room at Tamarisk Assisted Living