Good Food in Assisted Living? Peek into the Fine Dining at Tamarisk!

Having good food in assisted living communities is indeed possible, and an important thing to check for! Fun fact: the culinary team at Tamarisk Assisted Living is so good that they have their own catering service to local businesses and families as well. What makes the food at Tamarisk Assisted Living so good? Join us on a quick peek into our top-notch dining:

The culinary team at Tamarisk Assisted Living gets going at the crack of dawn for breakfast. Omelets are made to order on the hot grill. Pancakes are ready for their toppings of choice. Cereal, oatmeal, cream of wheat, muffins, bagels with lox, fruit platters, and more are ready for breakfast orders as they come in.

Mini blueberry pies fresh out of the oven is the kind of delicious food in assisted living to expect at Tamarisk

For lunch at Tamarisk, residents enjoy soup or salad, followed by a chef’s special of the day. Lunch specials feature seasonal ingredients or resident favorites, such as eggplant parmesan, roasted vegetable croissants, spinach pie, seafood salad, sole francese, stir fry, tuna niçoise, salmon, and more.

At the end of the day, after exercise classes, activities, doctor’s appointments, and social visits, we all gather for dinner. At Tamarisk we are a family, and residents enjoy the chance to break bread with each other. Dinner specials are an event, featuring dishes such as short ribs, Southern Fried chicken, brisket, chicken piccata, veal stew, turkey sandwiches, or prime rib. There is always a fish of the day on the dinner menu as well.Good food in Assisted Living happens everyday at Tamarisk, like this well-balanced dinner we had at Tamarisk Assisted Living

The secret to the amazing dining at Tamarisk Assisted Living is our commitment to high-quality fine dining and personalized care. Daily menus are designed to be varied, well-balanced, and nutritious, with the goal to ensure residents’ diets are not only healthy but also flavorful and satisfying. Each resident has a personalized dietary plan and our chefs cook each dish to those needs. They are truly experts at crafting delicious meals for all dietary requirements, whether it is allergies, diabetic concerns, gluten sensitivities, salt and fat free diets, or soft foods. In addition, the kitchen and food served at Tamarisk Assisted Living is all Kosher, supervised by the VAAD Harabbonim of America.

Above all, our chefs make sure that no resident ever walks away from a meal hungry or unhappy. Tamarisk chefs tour the dining room after each mealtime to chat and connect with everyone. Some of our residents have even shared beloved family recipes with chefs and will find it featured on lunch or dinner menus in the future.

For more information about our dining services or Ta’Am to Go, our catering service, contact Executive Chef Wayne Gauthier at 401-732-0037 ext. 112 or at If you’d like to book a tour of Tamarisk or to learn more about the dining options for residents, contact Susan Adler at 401-732-0037 or email

Matzah ball soup at Tamarisk Assisted Living