Senior Exercise Ideas for Winter at Tamarisk Assisted Living

While many of our residents like to walk the grounds of our Rhode Island assisted living community, winter can make that difficult. When winter weather arrives, we have other exercise opportunities to help keep senior residents in shape! Here are our four current favorite winter fitness and senior exercise ideas for seniors:

  1. The gym: With recumbent bikes, treadmills, and weights, the Tamarisk gym is the place to be! Our hydraulic-driven, low-impact equipment is specifically designed for older bodies.
  2. Seated exercise: In a regular exercise class, we meet three times a week for a seated workout designed to strengthen and condition all bodies. Activities focus on core strength, upper body flexibility and strength, and more. And, best of all, we have fun!
  3. Yoga: Whether it’s scheduled classes or an impromptu session, yoga can improve balance and prevent falls, while also helping the mind and soul.
  4. Tappercise: No one said that exercise can’t be fun! Successful aging combines on physical health, psychological functioning, and social interactions. Join a fun class or try out a new activity. You’ll be surprised at the benefits to your physical and emotional health!

A elderly woman on an exercise bike at Tamarisk Assisted Living Assisted Living residents in a seated exercise class with hand weights

At Tamarisk Assisted Living, we truly believe in a holistic approach to wellness. If you have any questions about senior exercise ideas or other opportunities for our residents, contact us! Call us at 401-732-0037 or email