Tips for Living with a Loved One with Dementia

Tamarisk Assisted Living is home to the nationally-recognized Renaissance Memory Care Program, a special wing for seniors with dementia or cognitive issues. Our team of experts and medical staff are dedicated to personalized care for each resident and are acutely aware of the challenges family members face when living with a loved one with dementia. They put together this list of 10 tips for living with dementia for us to share:

  1. Agree, never argue.
  2. Divert, never reason.
  3. Distract, never shame.
  4. Reassure, never lecture.
  5. Reminisce, never say “remember…”
  6. Repeat, never say “I told you…”
  7. Do what they can do, never say “You can’t…”
  8. Ask, never demand.
  9. Encourage, never condescend.
  10. Reinforce, never force.

Patience and encouragement are everything when caring for your family. Learn more about the memory care program at Tamarisk for more ideas. If you’d like to speak with someone about dementia or our memory care program, call us at 401-732-0037 or email

At Tamarisk we are here to hold your hands all the way through the process of dementia and care. In this image a senior woman smiles while holding the hand of a younger woman.