What to Expect When Moving a Loved One into a Memory Care Program

Helping a loved one with dementia and cognitive issues can be emotionally taxing, but making the decision to find a Memory Care Program for your family member is scary. How do you know what makes a program the right choice? What kinds of care and support can you expect for your loved one?

Today we’re sharing a little insight about the Renaissance Memory Support Program at Tamarisk Assisted Living and how we welcome new residents to help you know what expect with premium care:

Memory Support Wing

The Renaissance Memory Support Program at Tamarisk is designed for seniors with cognitive issues. Our memory care program is located on the ground floor of Tamarisk Assisted Living in a specially designed wing with nineteen studio and companion apartments. The Renaissance wing and apartments employ carefully chosen color schemes, lighting, and furniture to create a home-like, cottage-style residence. The wing’s architecture and furnishings are supportive, failure free, and sensory enhancing, creating an environment that nurtures the body, mind, and spirit.

Our team are trained and certified in dementia and Alzheimer’s care by the National Alzheimer’s Association and attend continual training on the most up-to-date best practices on care, safety, socialization, conversation, healthy eating, and more.

A cozy homelike Memory Support room at Tamarisk Assisted Living
A cozy home in our Renaissance Memory Support Wing

Welcoming New Residents

Everyone seeking memory support has different losses and abilities. With that in mind, when welcoming new results, our memory care team first focuses on identifying the needs specific to each new resident.

Prior to move-in, our staff meet with the new resident’s family members to listen to their concerns and feedback. We review the resident’s cognitive issues and medical needs. From these consultations, and more, we develop a personalized care plan, enriched nutrition and dietary program, and support system to help our new resident navigate the transition of moving into a new home and to living each day at Tamarisk Assisted Living’s Memory Support Program.

Four Tamarisk Memory Care residents decorate a welcome sign on a table to greet a new neighbor
Recently, Renaissance Memory Care residents made a sign to welcome a new neighbor to the community

Our Memory Care Philosophy

Our nationally-recognized memory support and care team embrace a philosophy that recognizes the importance of preserving dignity, celebrating individuality, encouraging participation and evoking laughter, trust and love. From the moment they walk into the Renaissance wing at Tamarisk, our staff provide love, attention, and premium care, catered to each resident.

Do you have questions or a specific memory care situation that you’d like to discuss with our team? Call us at 401-732-0037 or email susana@tamariskri.org.